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Skincare, Sun Care, Hair Care, Personal Care, Colored Cosmetics

Beauty NZ Manufacturing Limited is committed to develop and manufacture scientifically formulated personal care products, while carrying out sustainable manufacturing.

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How to initiate a process to develop a new product, or product range?

The first step is to contact us to discuss your new product by phone, or email. From here we will send you a Product Brief form for you to fill up with as many details as possible. It’s quite important that we get as much information as possible at this early stage to ensure we can help create products you have envisioned.

Once we have the product brief, we analyse it and could provide you with indicative pricing.

Based on the brief, we will then progress to sample production to give you an idea of how your product would look, feel and perform in real life. A cost of NZD 185 per sample produced is charged to partly cover the chemist’s time and ingredients.

What is the lead time for a sample to be formulated?

An average project will take approximately 3-5 weeks for the first set of samples to be delivered for your review. The process can take longer if additional sourcing is needed for new or unique raw materials that we don’t stock.

Once you approve the formulation, we will provide you with a finalised cost based on the agreed formula. This cost will also give you an idea of any additional fees (i.e. filling cost, label application, etc )

We can provide more detail of applicable fees once you have decided what components your packaging will need and how they will be assembled.

We can provide information on what testing (if any) we think is appropriate prior to production.

Once the final product and pricing is confirmed an order can be submitted.

What types of products are manufactured by Beauty NZ?

We have capacity and capabilities to manufacture skincare, hair care, baby care, toiletry, and specialty personal care products. Furthermore, we provide formulation services to perfect your product line, including stability testing, packaging advice and suggestions on how to best structure your product line.

Skin Care :Facial foaming wash, Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Gel, Lotion, Moisturiser, Oil, Overnight Treatment, Scrubs, Serum, Eye Cream, Night Cream

Bath & Body: Hand Cream, Hand wash, Bubble Bath, Body Wash, Body Butter, Body Scrub

Fragrance: Body Mist, Home Fragrance Diffusers, Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette

Hair Care: Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-On Treatment, Masques, Non-Aerosol Spray, Oil,  Serum, Styling Products

Professional : Masks, Peels, Spa/Professional Treatments

Speciality Ranges : Baby/Children’s skincare, Men’s Skincare, Hotel Amenity Ranges, Candles

Specialised Platforms : Natural, Organic, Certified Organic, Anti-Aging, Whitening, Brightening, Hydration, Active infused

Sun Care/Tanning: Sunscreen, Tanning Lotion, After Sun

Can you manufacture organic products?

Our R&D department has detailed experience in creating organic formulations according to the current national, international, or label specific requirements.

We can formulate products to be labelled “Made with Organic Ingredients” (70-95%) or to “Organic” (>95%). Our regulatory team can assist you with navigating the requirements for your specific formulation. Beauty NZ holds an organic manufacturer’s certification from BioGro.

What’s the difference between Organic & Certified Organic?

Certified organic and certified natural products both contain natural ingredients. The main difference between the two is the composition of ingredients used. Certified organic products fall into one of two categories

  • “Certified Organic”> 95% certified organic ingredients (ingredients that have been produced in compliance with organic standards),
  • “Made with Organic” – 70-95% certified organic ingredients (ingredients that have been produced in compliance with organic standards)

There are also a number of membership requirements that the brand owner must adhere to that BioGro require to be met in order to use their logo. See for further information

Can Beauty NZ manufacture vegan products?

Yes absolutely – a product that is vegan does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. This includes, but is not limited to, honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, carmine, cholesterol, gelatine, and many others.

How is the product tested?

We provide physical and chemical tests for visual appearance, odour, pH, density, and viscosity in our in house laboratory.

We also complete microbiological testing on all products prior to filling to ensure premium quality is maintained.

Can you reproduce an existing product manufactured elsewhere ?

Yes absolutely. If you are looking for alternative contract manufacturing options, we would be happy to have a chat and help you evaluate our services. We can then help you make the transition in a smooth and effective way so as to minimise any disruption to day to day trading.

Are the formulas that you produce for me protected?

All formulas produced by Beauty NZ are custom and exclusive for each customer. We do not duplicate formulas for other clients, ever.

Is there a natural preservative system to use?

Yes, there are a variety of natural preservative systems that can be used to protect your products. Our formulation team are experts in this and will work with you to understand your goals and provide recommendations as to the best options in this critical area of product development.

What manufacturing licences do you have?

Beauty NZ holds an organic manufacturer’s certification from BioGro. We are certified by BioGro to manufacture NATRUE certified natural and BioGro certified organic products, meeting internationally recognised standards.

Where do you source your raw materials?

Our raw ingredients are predominantly purchased from NZ based distributors and traders. However, the vast majority of cosmetic ingredients come from outside NZ. We have a large network of trusted business partnerships with ingredient suppliers who source from across the globe. Our size & scale enables us to pass economies of scale onto our customers with our competitive pricing. We stock approximately 300 unique ingredients. however, if there is a bespoke ingredient that you’d like to source and supply we are happy to work with it.

Who orders the raw materials?

We will purchase the raw materials required to manufacture your order. However, for unique raw materials (bespoke fragrances, extracts, actives etc) we request that these are purchased by the customer. We have a huge knowledge of suppliers so feel free to discuss this with us.

Do you provide packaging?

We do not supply packaging for our customers. Product packaging is a vital component of your brand’s development, look and feel, and as such it is critical that you have access to the choices that enable you to develop a distinctive brand and go to market offer.

Can you help me source packaging?

Yes absolutely. We have been in business for over 11 years and have developed a network of preferred partners across all key areas of new product development. We can connect you with a variety of experts to help you with the development journey.

The goal of our preferred partner Network is to connect you with the right people early in the process to help simplify and streamline your development timeline. Of course, we are happy to work with your experts if you have people you know and trust. You can have the best of both worlds working with us.

How can I find more information on labelling requirements for my product?

The Cosmetics Products Group Standard outlines all the labelling requirements.

Further information is available at 

Can I store my packaging on site?

Under some conditions, it is possible to store packaging at our premises. We generally only like to store packaging for committed orders. However, discuss this with us and we can find a solution to your storage requirements.

How is my product packaged and returned to me?

We can procure a large number of various sized carton boxes. We’ll choose the best box to ensure your product ships safely and quality is maintained during transit. This is included as part of our service and is at no charge. However, if you prefer personalised boxes, inners or cartons, we can work with your needs

Where do you deliver products to?

Products are delivered at the place you specify within New Zealand. We deliver nationwide and use several freight companies.

Is international shipping available?

Yes, we regularly ship internationally. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these options.

What are your lead times?

Lead times are generally 8-10 weeks from placement of your order. An estimated delivery date will be confirmed on receipt of your order. Beauty NZ work with you to ensure all components to be on-site prior to the scheduled manufacture of your order. Manufacture will have to be re-scheduled if all components are not on-site at the required time. Your order will then be placed in a que to be re-scheduled and this may take a further 8-10 weeks


Beauty NZ Manufacturing Limited

Comprising of a team of expert chemists, procurement specialists and product & packaging specialists Beauty NZ is here to help you launch or improve your current range of personal care products.

We believe in:

  • Quality – providing products that are ethical and transparently produced so you know what you are getting and where it’s from
  • Cost effective services – we strive to keep our overheads low and produce competitively priced products
  • Innovation – we proactively work on new and innovative ideas to provide superior solutions for our customers
  • Customer guided approach – we strive to provide a proactive hassle free customer experience every time

Organic, Quality, Consistent, Innovative

True Blue Organics - Margaret Macbeth

"I first met Adipa 11 years ago when she was in Christchurch, I was searching for a company that would design and manufacture small batches of skin care products to meet the highest organic standards in New Zealand and internationally. Adipa was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She was willing to use the ingredient I could supply and able to source innovative ingredients when required. Adipa is now a sub-licensee of my business. Her new facility in Dunedin, has been successfully audited by Biogro NZ for a new batch of products.

I am proud to sell products of such quality and integrity."



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